Robert F. Smerling

Robert F. Smerling, President - US Cinemas

Mr. Smerling has served as President of our domestic cinema operations since 1994. He has been involved in the acquisition and/or development of all of our existing cinemas. Prior to joining our Company, Mr. Smerling was the President of Loews Theaters, at that time a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony. While at Loews, Mr. Smerling oversaw operations at some 600 cinemas employing some 6,000 individuals and the development of more than 25 new multiplex cinemas. Among Mr. Smerling’s accomplishments at Loews was the development of the Lincoln Square Cinema Complex with IMAX in New York City, which continues today to be one of the top five grossing cinemas in the United States. Prior to Mr. Smerling’s employment at Loews, he was Vice Chairperson of USA Cinemas in Boston, and President of Cinema national Theatres. Mr. Smerling, a recognized leader in our industry, has been a director of the National Association of Theater Owners, the principal trade group representing the cinema exhibition industry.