Appeals Court Halts Appointment of Trustee to Market Reading International, Inc. Voting Stock


4/16/18 8:00 am EDT



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"the narrow and specific authority to obtain offers to purchase the RDI stock in the voting trust"

CULVER CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Reading International, Inc. (“RDI” or the “Company”) announced today that the California Court of Appeals has stayed all trial court proceedings and issued an Order to Show Cause as to why it should not vacate the California Superior Court’s Order that a trustee ad litem be appointed to market certain RDI stock. The Superior Court had previously decreed, on March 23, 2018, in the case In Re: James V. Cotter, Living Trust, Ellen Marie Cotter, Margaret Cotter, Petitioners, vs. James J. Cotter, Jr., Respondent, Case No: BP159755 (the “Cotter Trust Case”) that a trustee ad litem be appointed with “the narrow and specific authority to obtain offers to purchase the RDI stock in the voting trust” to be established under the James J. Cotter, Sr., Living Trust (the “Voting Trust” and the “Living Trust” respectively).

On March 23, 2018, the Superior Court, as a separate matter, invalidated the trust document under which Mr. James J. Cotter, Jr., claimed to be a co-trustee of the above referenced Living Trust and Voting Trust, thereby confirming that Ellen Cotter and Margaret Cotter are the sole Co-Trustees of the Living Trust and Margaret Cotter is the sole Trustee of the Voting Trust. Collectively, as the Co-Executors of the James J. Cotter, Sr., Estate and the Living Trust, Ellen Cotter and Margaret Cotter have voting control of approximately 66.9% of the voting power of our Company.

On March 22, 2018, our Board of Directors approved the 2018-2020 Outlook, 2018 Budget & Strategy, 2018-2020 Capital Plan and 2019-2020 Forecast & Strategy as a sound basis for moving our Company forward and building stockholder values as an independent company. Basically, our strategy continues to be a long term strategy of building value by continuing to build our cinema operations (and enhancing those operations through the upgrading of our theater amenities and food and beverage offerings) and continuing to develop our real estate assets.

About Reading International, Inc.

Reading International, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDI) is a leading entertainment and real estate company, engaging in the development, ownership and operation of multiplex cinemas and retail and commercial real estate in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The family of Reading brands includes cinema brands Reading Cinemas, Angelika Film Centers, Consolidated Theatres, and City Cinemas; live theaters operated by Liberty Theatres in the United States; and signature property developments, including Newmarket Village, Auburn Red Yard and Cannon Park in Australia, Courtenay Central in New Zealand and 44 Union Square in New York City.

Additional information about Reading can be obtained from the Company's website:

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